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90's Love Doubleknees

90's Love Doubleknees

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- Fit & Sizing
Male is 181cm and wears L
Female is 168cm and wears S
Baggy fit.
Zippers at the bottom to create a flared look.

- Material & Washing instructions
100% cotton
Laser printed design.
Wash inside out at 30°C 

- Meaning behind the design:
These jeans are a powerful statement against the prevalent hook-up culture of today. The hook-up culture may promise temporary excitement, but the euphoria it brings is fleeting. It's a constant cycle of searching for the next thrill, never truly finding the fulfillment we crave deep within our souls. The skeleton & hearts stand for loving someone until you take your last breath. Love is a profound and transformative experience. It's about finding that one person who ignites your soul, understands you in ways no one else can, and stands by your side through thick and thin. It's about building a deep, meaningful connection that lasts a lifetime.

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